Glass stairs

Glass stairs with architectural glass

... gently float upwards!

Building glass stairs and staircases with glass parts is a big challenge for fabricators and designers. By using special architectural glass which is chemically treated, tempered and laminated it is possible to get the required strength to hold the weight of itself and people walking on it. Straight and curved glass stairs and railings can be used for private and commercial projects. Therefore the stair can span over several floors and reach a width of up to 3 meters. Due to the intensive work with engineers and experienced glass manufacturer we are able to handle all demands like code requirements and statically requirements. We are always researching with architectural glass so that we can provide our customers fresh, individual and innovative glass staircase designs. You can either choose from our standard product range or we design a stair with glass parts just for you. For more information visit our design service.

Mistral Black

All glass stair with black treads

innovative glass stair design

Londra Float

Innovative all glass staircase with NO stainless steel hardware

floating glass treads staircase

Sevilla Glass Curve

Curved, light stair solution with glass treads

Ganzglastreppe in Tel-Aviv, Israel

Mistral Shine

Free standing all glass stair

Tropic Glass

Unique spiral all glass stair design shaped like a tropical plant

Mistral Spiral

Spiral design to maximizes the walking width

floating glass treads staircase

Sevilla Glass Straight

Straight, light stair solution with glass treads

Mistral Spider

All glass staircase design supported by glass balustrade, which is strongly connected with Siller spider connectors

floating glass treads staircase

Sevilla Glass Helical

Helical, light stair solution with glass treads

Mistral Winder

Turned floating glass stair

Helical glass stair


Helcial stair desing with straight segmented glass

free standing floating stair

Mistral Float

Free standing floating glass stair

glass stair with no stainless steel


Innovative all glass staircase with NO stainless steel hardware

structural glass stair for commercial buildings

Mistral commercial

Floating stair design, commercial application

modern staircase


Classic structural glass and wooden steps design

exclusive floyer glass stair

Mistral Twin

All glass stair design

floating treads staircase

Glass wall staircase

Floating wooden treads and glass wall

Fly Mini

Helical stair design for small spaces

Sciria Clarity

Spiral staircase with clear glass steps

All glass with stainless steel riser

Free standing all glass staircase with stainless steel risers

Mistral Glass free standing

Mistral Glass free standing

Free standing all glass staircase

free standing cantilevered stairs


Free standing cantilevered stair for entrance hall

closed glass stair design with LED


Closed all glass stair with LED

all glass staircase

Mistral all glass

All glass stair design

all glass stair industrial design


Asymetric all glass stair solution

spiral staircase in all glass


All glass spiral stair

cantilevered glass stair with LED


Cantilevered stair with glass treads

curved staircase floating

Mistral curve

Curved structural glass stair design

structural glass staircase

Fly commercial

Helical stair design, commercial application


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