Bullet points for pricing

When sending us an email inquiry, please provide the following information: 1. Plans / layouts of the house, where we could see the dimensions of the opening visible. If you do not have any plans made by architect, a hand sketch with floor to floor height, width and the lenght of the opening is enough.2. Pictures of the site. It allows us to have a better understanding of the surroundings and suggest the most suitable design. 3. If there is a budget frame, which is dedicated for stairs, it is very beneficial to know this. Especially for the commercial projects, where contractors always have to fit to some frames and get the best solution for the budget, this information allows us to suggest the most suitable design straight away without spending too much of your time looking for different options. 4. Pictures of the designs you like, or a link to a website where we could see the images. We want to understand your taste.5. Schedule of the project - what stage is it now, when would the site be ready for measurements and when the installation is required. 6. Address of the site. 7. Wall structure information. 8. Would you have workers on site to install the stairs or should we take care of installation? 9. Are structural calculations required or not? Depending on the country, laws are different. In most countries structural calculations are required for commercial projects only, but in others it's also required for private residences. You should let us know in advance if we need to include structural calculations to the quotation.