Design service for stairs

Are you working on projects beyond your experience and standard? Either for glass staircases or other innovative stair designs we are providing a conceptional design service and a feasibility study. Our experienced engineer will work on your project and suggest solutions for the design and the support of the staircase. Further we can help you to develop your tender text and give you an estimated cost for your exciting ideas.  

Visualisation: We want to give interior designers, contractors, home builders and architect the chance to see their wonderful design stair before it is even reality. That’s why we have set up the design service. A 3D rendering in photorealistic quality shows you the chances and also the limitations of you design and you can act accordingly in the planning stage yet. We will advice you what is possible, useful or necessary to realize the stair design you want to create. For home builders: If you are not sure what your stair is going to look like in your future “living-space” and if you will feel comfortable with it, then take advantage of our design service. For architects/interior designers: You want to convince a client of your innovative stair design? A photorealistic render will give you a better chance. Furthermore you will be able to see static requirements and to unforeseen disabilities can be reacted in time. For contractors: The planning of an exclusive private home or commercial building requires lots of responsibility, skills and knowledge. Let us help! We combine your design idea with the static requirements or suggest something totally new. Profit from the long time experience which Siller has gained since 1958 in building stairs and creating new innovative design ideas. If you feel like this could be something for your or just want to get some more information don´t hesitate to contact us directly or via our contact page.