Modern stairs

Modern stairs by Siller are exclusive and elegant 

What makes stairs modern? We would say it is a matter of taste, what do you think? In our ongoing projects we are trying to combine our design ideas with yours, we assist you with our technical skills to create new stair designs. What ever is new does not necessarily become modern, right? Modern makes the choice of materials and design trends which are “in” at the moment. Siller is picking up these trends in the staircase industry and mixes it up with our philosophy of building stairs. Stairs have to be light, a piece of art and inspiring. If you order a staircase from us we want you to have a floating feeling and a smile on your face. This is our goal and we do our best to achieve it. Modern stairs are more than a piece of architecture. They are the central point in everybody’s life. Even if most people are not aware of it. Get inspired by our modern stairs selection! You want to realize a project beyond your skills or capabilities and are looking for a strong and experienced partner? Find out more about our feasibility study. With pleasure we are also assisting to realize your glass stair or helical staircase project.

Zig-Zag Straight

Straight wooden Zig-Zag design with glass balustrade


Seamless helical or spiral stair design, all colors and stucko possible

Mistral Spiral

Spiral design to maximizes the walking width


Spiral stair with curved glass railing

Tropic Glass

Unique spiral all glass stair design shaped like a tropical plant

Helical stair in Corian

Helical stair with Corian treads

Cobra Gold

Extraordinary stair design with golden treads


Helical stairs made of carbon fiber

Sciria Clarity

Spiral staircase with clear glass steps

Mistral Black

All glass stair with black treads

Mistral Spider

All glass staircase design supported by glass balustrade, which is strongly connected with Siller spider connectors

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Free standing all glass stair


Unreal cantilevered stairs in acrylic

Fly mini

Helical stair design for small spaces


Cantilevered stair with glass treads


Innovative all glass staircase with NO stainless steel hardware


Helcial stair desing with straight segmented glass

Mistral Berlin

Helical all glass stair with black treads


Cantilevered stair design

Europa art

Old fashined helical stair with artwork


All glass spiral stair


Exclusive staircase with white materials


Closed all glass stair with LED

Mistral Float

Free standing floating glass stair

Faltwerk modern

Modern zig zag design staircase


Classic structural glass and wooden steps design

Tornado Inspire

Seamless helical or spiral stair design, all colors and stucko possible

Faltwerk glass

Zig Zag stair with glass railing

Mistral curve

Curved structural glass stair design


Curved wooden stringer stair with glass railing


Reduced stair design in white

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