Villa stairs Nuremberg

In the suburbs of Nürnberg, a Bavarian town in Germany is this old town Villa which has been completely refurbished. And the result is truly impressive. The house is decorated by lots of high end design elements. For example there is a huge open fireplace in the living room, the swimming area has a Jacuzzi in the second floor and there is an old chandelier in the entrance area. Yes especially proud is the owner on the glass staircase from SILLER. Due to its size it is unique and decorates the house and its interior even more. Almost six meter length has the big glass panel in the entrance area. For certain it is the only one or at least one of the view stairs in Europe with such a long piece of glass. Further we have designed and produced the secondary winder staircase to the spa area including the filigree bridge and all railings. For the outside there came a hughe cantilevered staircase with concrete treads of a 1800mm span. Builder: “… it is a real pleasure to me that I have decided for SILLER stairs…”, “…Mr. Siller has always suggested additional ideas and solutions to make the stairs even better than I have imagined…”