Stair with LED lightning

The LED technique has opened new horizons for the lighting industry. Never before it was so easy to create stunning light effects and not to waste lots of energy at the same time. Also in the staircase segment the use and development of LED lights is running forward fast. The thin flexible LED stripes can be put into the smallest seams and slots. Also the lighting of glass treads or entire glass stairs became possible. Make use of this development and enjoy comfortable evenings at home with warm luxury light from your staircase. 

Acrylic LED

Surreale Kragarmtreppe mit Stufen aus Acryl

Londra Float

Innovatives Glastreppendesign OHNE Edelstahlbeschläge, Stufen aus Glas oder Holz

Mistral Iluma

Glass treads with LED lighting


Innovative all glass staircase with NO stainless steel hardware

Cantilevered stairs in glass with LED

Cantilevered stair with glass treads

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