Zig Zag stairs

Folded wooden stairs, the classic with a difference

Folded staircase refers to the form in which the step and riser are closed, thus creating a folded structure like a zigzag. Over the past few years, self-supporting folding staircases have become modern again and can be built in a wide variety of variations.

The geometric shape of the folding staircase makes it a good companion for modern flat roof houses and rectangular floor plans of the house and the room. Imposing and yet straightforward, the staircase with the folding mechanism blends in well with the geometry of the house.

For the production of the folding stairs made of wood, we use an individual system made of plywood and veneer that allows us to realize any floor plan and also to meet special requests in shape and size.

When designing the folding staircase, we take into account the symmetry of the room and the general architecture. The staircase should blend harmoniously into the surroundings and work well as an overall architectural concept.

See for yourself:

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