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“We do what we love and we love to build extraordinary design staircases”

Siller is a family run business since 1958. Siller Stairs provides architectural design stairs, manufacturing and installation to clients around the world. We guide our clients from the very first idea of a design until the finished and installed product. Hereby we offer a range of different service like our design service and the feasibility study.

We do offer our clients different types of staircases like contemporary staircase designs, bespoke made and engineered to the specific requirements of the project. Very exquisite are our glass stairs. Furthermore you find styles from modern stairs to classic stairs, free standing stairs and curved stair solutions. Amongst others we use the materials wood, glass, steel and concrete. We are researching continuously on new materials and connections to make our staircases floating, lighter and more impressive, a piece of art and charming for its environment.

Meet the team

Get a personal insight into Siller Stairs. Learn what drives us and where we strive. With passion and expertise, we work on every project to create products that enrich your living or working space. That is our promise!

Chalet St. Moritz, Breathtaking glass staircase in the SPA area

Here, the SPA area of a chalet in St. Moritz was fitted with an LED-lit glass staircase from UG4-UG3-UG2. The project had the highest requirements at all levels, statics, quality and project management. We are proud of the result. 
Find out more and watch the video!

cantilevered glass stairs

Luxurious cantilevered glass stairs

Once again someone says "less is more". In this case, it's more like "more is more"! This lift will leave you salivating. Our Sky-Screw cantilever staircase design with glass cantilever steps and LED lighting is the highlight of the foyer. Even the design of the ceiling is coordinated with the design of the forged banister. Find out more about the staircase in Frankfurt

Luxury on the highest level

With the help of a top interior designer, this project became a real golden pearl. The white staircase contrasts well with the marble-clad floors and walls. As a sculptural element, the staircase manages to attract all eyes even in this, unique environment.

mega villa and glass staircase

Mega Villa Project in Malibu, Los Angeles

Probably one of the most prestigious buildings in which we had the pleasure to work in was this mega Villa at Carbon Beach Terrace, Malibu, Los Angeles. Here everything is top of the line, home cinema, spa area and the infinity-pool with an amazing view over the Pacific Ocean. Of course, a Siller staircase is something not to be missed.

seamless glass stringers

Free standing stairs with monumental seamless glass stringers

Stairs which are standing totally freely in a room have a natural attraction for the eye. But if you combine that with an extraordinary design and use materials processed in very high quality then you gain a real eye-catcher. 

Industrial stair designs in steel, London

This amazing industrial look was designed for a 5 storey townhouse in London. For the narrow stair shaft we have created a curved steel stair design with industrial appeal. The steel mesh for treads, risers and the balustrade turns the design into a true eye-catcher. Find out more

Designer staircases in glass and steel

For an exclusive Villa project in the greater area of London we have designed and installed an all glass staircase with glass bridge and a minimalistic cut steel stringer staircase. As always funktionality has been paired with design. By using glass elements and open treads you have an unblocked view to the surrounding landscapes and when the sun shines the light flushes into the building. See more photos of this project in our reference section.

Reference projects of Siller in the UK

wooden zig-zag stairs with glass balustrade

Woodbury, England

This increadible Cobra design has been installed in 2019. Self-supporting staircase with unique steel structure and curved glass in United Kingdom. You can find more helical stair designs HERE

floating stairs with glass wall

Bath, England, United Kingdom

Installed: 2018
Model: Mistral all glass
Customer: Private

sme news awards

Best Design Stair Manufacturer in Greater London

We've been awarded by Sme-news as Best Design Stairs Manufacturer 2018. Thank you for noticing our work and we will do our best to impress you even more next year!

Stairs - Today

Stairs gain more and more importance in modern architecture. Long time ago the staircase slipped from the niche of sole functionality and became an expression of taste and orientation. With the design element “stair” you can follow different material themes like “all glass” or “all concrete” and styles like modern, classic, contemporary and oriental as well as Arabic. Especially by the selection of glass, concrete or exclusive timbers one can create puristic and elegant stair designs which are like magic for your sins. With the knowledge that the staircase is as important for you as it is for us we do all we can to create stairs to your imagination. Because – only the staircase bestows a soul to the building.

Our stair philosophy

Stairs connect “living” spaces... in a traditional wooden house just as much as in a prestigious villa or in a commercial building. Thereby the staircase, as an important element of architecture and interior design, reflects the lifestyle and individuality of the inhabitants. The materials emphasis the attitude towards life: Wood, stone, steel or glass give artistic accents and transform rooms. You cannot only see stairs, but also sense, hear and feel them. Even on the first step you notice whether you are walking comfortably. Do the stairs creak softly under your feet? Does the hand rail feel comfortable and warm? Only quality transforms a staircase into a pleasant experience ... for all senses. This requires a competent consultation and precise planning as well as skilled handicraft. „Stairs are our life“... since 1958 Siller Stairs has been offering individual staircase solutions produced by hand. Now latest technology helps us with this. A high quality standard, reliability and punctuality make us stand out. We pride ourselves to be able to create stair designs bespoke to your specific requirements.

More about Siller Stairs - A stair builder with love for attention to detail

Stairs are our life! For over 50 years we have dedicated ourselves to stair manufacturing and make glass stairs, wood stairs and use steel for structures of floating stairs as well as different finishes like brass, gold and silver. The attention to detail makes us stand out just as much as the individual design and the focus on aesthetics. Every Siller stair is unique and corresponds to the needs and taste of the customer. Here we give you a short review about our history:1958 Founding of Siller in Merano, Italy: in the summer we dedicated ourselves to the handiwork of the carpenter, and in the winter to stair building. Since 1990 we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to stair building and see the staircase as a representative piece of furniture that gives your building real soul Since 2000 we have been marketing our stairs internationally and supply customers around the globe.